Honey storage tips: Keeping honey fresh

Keep your honey fresh and tasty by following these simple honey storage tips:

Honey can last for centuries

The nectar brought to the hive by the bees is about 60% water. The bees "cure" it to about 18-19% water. At this level of water and with a pH of 3-4, the honey is very stable and can last for literally centuries. (It was found in Egyptian tombs.)

However, it is . . . hygroscopic. If it is left exposed to the air, it will absorb water from the air. Because honey is hygroscopic, it is extends the shelf-life of baked goods. They are less likely to dry out because the honey absorbs moisture from the surrounding air.


Larry Krengel, University of Chicago, Newton BBS: Ask a Scientist

Avoiding crystallization

Here are some honey storage tips to avoid crystallization or granulation of your liquid honey:

These simple honey storage tips will keep your honey fresh and tasty!